My Approach

Just Takin' a Shot... I came up with this name and had it placed on the first business card for photography while photographing my godson's football games. Parents and football fans would ask me to do other photography events, so I had cards printed with that title.

I consider myself an artist.  And artistically, in the past have drawn wildlife with charcoal pencils, have sculpted with clay to make whimsical ceramic characters. Have carved owls on walking sticks. and have done other wood carvings, as well.   Had the honor of producing artwork for a local high school's playbill for their annual musicals. Have framed some of my bird photos and donated the photos that were then sold at that same high school's annual auction.

My Story

Was a mason for many, brick, block, tiles, stone of all types.  Enjoyed the craft as an artform, as well.

I have loved photography as long as I can remember. When young my father had a Kodak Brownie camera. Loved taking photos with it!  Then came SLRs and what joy.  And then, came the digital age, I recall a friend in the photography business telling me that digital would never catch up to film.

Wildlife photography has been my passion and photographing birds has been my real love.

Birds... perched, singing, calling, hunting, finding food in muck, in flight, rearing younglings, mating rituals and even mating are amazing to see, but to capture a fraction of a second is absolute joy and at times knowing the fraction of a second was captured by camera and lens can make me literally laugh aloud!

Other types photography that I have done, mostly for friends and relatives, have photographed individual people, families, pets, high school and college graduations., volleyball matches and soccer games.Have photoed horse events such as jumping, dressage, a polo match, reining, horse still shots, even an Arab playing and splashing in water!   Many times, have been on the field at AT&T Baseball Park to photograph for a non-profit annual event prior to San Francisco Giants game.  Also, on five different occasions, had the honor of photographing individuals throwing out the 'First Pitch' at the Giant's games.  'Twas big fun to have photographed my beloved godson on the football field from his freshman year of high school through his junior college college years, had the privilege of shooting he and his football teams from the sidelines and end zones.  Just recently, photographed a moto-cross motorcycle series of races, was down on the track and the bikes and rides roared almost overhead! Was fun!

The future... As of now, have acquired a Limited Liability Corporation from the State of California so that I may start the photography as a professional. At this point I would enjoy selling my photos of birds in limited quantities, signed and numbered.  I would like to self publish and through a publisher, produce a coffee table style book of my bird photography. The book will contain series of photos of birds. For example, have one series is that of a Phoebe, a small insect eating birds. The photos are a sequence of hots where the birds leaves a branch hunting insects on the water surface of a creek and the final photo is the bird with beak open 3/4 of an inch from catching the insect from the surface of the water. In the past, have made books through the iphoto program. One a book of my bird photos, another was a young man throwing out the 'First Pitch' at AT&T park.  Had made two photo books for my godson's college football games, as I was an independent sideline photographer.  Also in the future, I will pursue the photography as full time profession.  My forte will be individuals, families, pets, events.  Not so sure that at anytime, will wedding photography will be in my future!

To name some of equipment, all of which are Canon products.  Cameras: 7D Mark I, D1 Mark III, 70D and others.  Lens: 50mm f/1.8, 24-70mm f/1.8, 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6, 70-200mm f/2.8, 300mm f/2.8, and the big boy 500mm f4.0.

I do so hope that you enjoy seeing my photos here on the website, and if you please, ask any question you may have. Will be adding new photos and will send out news when I am ready to hire out for photo shoots.

As of Oct 9, I published a book of my bird photography.  It is a collection of both single photos and series of photos of birds doing their daily tasks. Including is an identification of each bird in the photos and a brief narrative on the scene, as well as my own sometimes humorous interpretation of the scene.

The book can be seen and purchased at, click on bookstore, find search and type in stuff that birds do, and Wahlah!

Thank you!   Marquis

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